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Thermometers, Thermostats and Control instruments



Thermometers with capillary tube

Universal design which can be mounted from the back or from the front. Elegant plastic construction at very competitive price.

Available in three different diameters: 60, 80 or 100 mm. Thermometer with mounting flange

Range: –40 up to +40 °C

Length of capillary tube
Ø Part No
F-87-R-60-1,5 1.5 M  60 mm 9881046
F-87-R-60-3,0 3.0 M  60 mm 9881045
F-87-R-80-1,5 1.5 M  80 mm 9881044
F-87-R-80-3,0 3.0 M  80 mm 9881043
F-87-R-100-1,5 1.5 M 100 mm 9881042
F-87-R-100-3,0 3.0 M 100 mm 9881041
F-87-R-100-4,5 4.5 M 100 mm 9881040
F-87-R-100-7,5 7.5 M 100 mm 9881039




Length of capillary tube
Ø Part No
Mounting ring  at the back
F-84-60-FP-1,5 1.5 M  60 mm 9881034
F-84-60-FP-3,0 3.0 M  60 mm 9881033
F-84-80-FP-1,5 1.5 M  80 mm 9881032
F-84-80-FP-3,0 3.0 M  80 mm 9881031
F-84-100-FP-1,5 1.5 M 100 mm 9881030
F-84-100-FP-3,0 3.0 M 100 mm 9881028
Mounting ring at the front
F-84-60-FA-1,5 1.5 M  60 mm 9881027
F-84-60-FA-3,0 3.0 M  60 mm 9881029
F-84-80-FA-1,5 1.5 M  80 mm 9881026
F-84-100-FA-1,5 1.5 M 100 mm 9881024



Rectangular distance-thermometer to be built into cabinets with capillary tube and sensing lead. Measures on distance gases, liquids, etc. with short reaction time.

Technical Data:
Temperature range:  –40 °C up to +40 °C
Scale dimension:  15 x 30 mm
Built-in dimension:  26 x 58 mm
Length of capillary tube:  1.5 m

Part No 9881038



Digital distance thermometer, rectangular

Technical Data:
Temperature range:  –50 °C up to +150 °C
Built-in dimension:  26 x 45 mm
Length of capillary tube:  3.0 m

Part No 9884934



Plastic Thermometer

–40 °C up to +50 °C.

Part No 4506154



Handy accurate 1" dial thermometer with 5" stem. Accuracy ±1% full scale. Furnished with shock resistant carrying tube with convenient pocket clip.

Scale: –40 °C up to +40 °C.

Part No 9881053




Thermometer for wall mounting, chromed,

range –50 °C up to +50 °C.


Part No 9881051



Digital Stick-Thermometer

Range: –50 °C up to +150 °C

Stick sensor made from stainless steel with protection tube and clips; battery operated.





Part No 9881048



Digital Pocket Thermometer Digital-Taschenthermometer.

The thermometer is equipped with F/C switch, data hold, protective cover and pocket clip.

Technical Data:
Range:  –40 °C to 150 °C
  –40 °F to 300 °F
Resolution:  0.1 °C or °F
Accuracy:  ± 2 °F or ± 1 °C

Part No 9884365

Download: > Instruction manual



Infrared Thermometer

The LP-88 is a rugged and practical infrared thermometer with a pistol grip, which allows for contact free temperature measurement. Various temperatures can efficiently be measured within a room. The built in dual laser pointer simplifies the measurement, by marking the measurement area with two red laser points.

Technical Data:
Temperature range: -60°C to +550°C 
Operating temperature: +0°C to +50°C 
± 2% of display or  2°C, depending on which is greater
Battery life: 18 h
Distance Spot: 12:1
IP classification: 54
Automatic shut-off: after 15 sec. of inactivity   
Emissivity:    0.95 – adjustable 0,1 to 1 in .01-steps
Weight:    180g incl. 2x AAA Batteries

Part No 4686697
Download: > Instruction manual



A practical, hand operating instrument designed for simple humidity determinations. The necessary wind velocity of c. 2 m/sec. is obtained by slinging the psychrometer about its pivoted handle.

Complete instruments in brass frame, having high polished chromium finish, with moistening tube, spare wick 1 m long, graphical evaluation table, 2 thermometers ranging from – 30 °C to +40 °C subdiv. into 0.2 °C capillary colourless.

Part No 9881057



Sling-Psychrometer. Mercury-free.

Easy reading of results printed on scales.

Part No 4661317



The multi functionality allows in a wide measuring range a contact as well as a contactless precision measurement.

Technical Data:
Photo Tachometer:  2.5–99999 RPM
Contact Tachometer:  0.5–19999 RPM
Surface Speed:  0.05–1999.9 m/Min.
  0.2–6560 ft/Min
Detecting distance:  50–150 mm (2–6") 
  Photo measurement
Operation Temp.:  0–50 °C

Part No 4677524

Download: > Instruction manual


Sound Level Meter

This compact Sound Level Meter with digital display and 4 measuring ranges from 30 dB up to 130 dB is delivered in a sturdy carrying case.

The Sound Level can be balanced through two evaluation-filters
(A and C).

Technical Data:
Measuring Range:  from 30 up to 130 dB
Resolution:  0.1 dB
Frequency:  31.5 Hz up to 8 kHz
Evaluation Filters:  Type A – according to human
hearing perception
  Type C – linear evaluation
  Periodic Balance: fast or slow
Accuracy:  ±1.5 dB

Part No 4661385

Download: > Instruction manual



The Multimeter X-475 includes true root mean square- (TRMS) and Temperature measuring which is shown in a 4-digit clear illuminated LCD Display.

Technical Data:
DC Voltage:  1 μV–1000 V
AC TRMS Voltage:  1 μV–750 V
DC Current:  1 μA–10 A
AC TRMSCurrent: 1 μA–10 A
Resistance:  1 Ω–40 MΩ
Frequency:  1 Hz–40 MHz
Capacitance:  4nF–40mF
Temperature:  –40 °C to 800 °C

Part No 4677540

Download: > Instruction manual


Digital Clamp Meter

The Clamp Meter with state-of-the-art technology and ergonomic design allows even a one-hand operation thanks to the automatic selection of the measuring range. The wide range of applications, the true root mean square (TRMS), overcharge as well as the low battery indication on the LCD-display are  some of the valuable features of the X-400.
Technical Data:
DC Voltage:  0.1 μV–600V
AC TRMSVoltage: 0.1 μV–600V
DC Current:  0.1 A–600 A
AC TRMS Current: 0.1 A–600 A
Resistance:  0.1 Ω–40MΩ
Frequency:  1 Hz–400 Hz

Part No 4677516

Download: > Instruction manual


240 VAC
15A capacitive
10A inductive
Part No 9884170


Thermostat for room temperature control
240 VAC
15A capacitive
10A inductive
Part No 9884937

Messbereich: Atm. bis 50 Mikron = 0,06 mb

Messbereich: Atm. bis 50 Mikron = 0,06 mbar