The innovative app for the modern refrigeration engineer

Use the possibilities of digital data processing also in refrigeration technology. The REFMESHTM app consolidates all the measured values recorded during the commissioning and maintenance of refrigeration circuits, and creates a comprehensive performance record for your customers. The simple menu navigation as well as the integration of customer data and images from your mobile phone's memory enable the prompt creation of a detailed report on site.

All connected devices communicate wirelessly, and can be used as part of the network or stand-alone. Integrated screens display readings at the point of installation, and in real time on the REMATETM and in the REFMESHTM app. Standard batteries or USB interfaces provide maximum flexibility in power supply. 


    The app for the modern refrigeration engineer (for Android and IOS)

    The REFMESHTM app collects all readings from the connected devices and consolidates them into a condensed report.

    Features and benefits:

    • Comprehensive and simple documentation
    • Intuitive menu navigation
    • Clear display of units and measured values in real time
    • 100 m signal range to all units
  • WTC

    Wireless temperature clamp

    Temperature measurement for calculating superheat and subcool, with integrated display.

    Features and benefits:

    • Wireless data transmission
    • Strong springs for secure installation on pipes with 6 - 41 mm (1/4" - 1 5/8") diameter
    • Ergonomic design for easy handling
    • Simple operation with two buttons

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    Electronic filling scale

    Measures the quantities of refrigerant extracted and filled. The robust design for heavy loads, as well as the high resolution for exact determination of the quantities allow maximum flexibility in everyday use.

    Features and benefits:

    • Maximum capacity: 110 kg / 243 lb
    • Accuracy: 0.05 % of reading or 10g
    • Resolution:  
      0 to 20 kg = 2 g
      20 to 50 kg = 5 g 
      50 to 110 kg = 10 g
    • Programmable alarm
    • Integrated thread for small refrigerant cans 
    • Level indication in percent
    • Can be calibrated on site

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    Digital Manifold

    The REFMATETM serves as a communication centre between all REFCO measuring devices in the refrigeration circuit. The internal memory capacity allows long-term measurements of up to seven days on site. Refrigerant and firmware updates can be easily uploaded via a PC.

    Features and benefits:

    • Display of measured values digital or analogue
    • High precision with accuracy class 0.5
    • Calculation of superheat and subcool
    • Intuitive control via robust buttons
    • Wireless communication with app and other devices
    • Mechanical components available as spare parts
    • Lockable for long-term measurements

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    Digital vacuum gauge

    Highest accuracy from atmospheric pressure - the handy and robust REFVAC-RC measures and communicates the vacuum achieved in the REFMESHTM.

    Features and benefits:

    • Accuracy: 5 % of reading, +/- 10 micron
    • Resolution: 
      0.1 micron (< 149.9 micron) 
      1 micron (150 - 1'499 micron)
      10 micron (1'500 - 7'490 micron) 
      100 micron (7'500 - 19'900 micron) 
      10'000 micron (20'000 - 760'000 micron)
    • Intuitive operation
    • Handy and robust

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    3-in-1 leak detector

    The TRITECTORTM is the allrounder for leak detection. Replaceable sensors detect even the smallest amounts of refrigerants, flammable and hydrogen-based gases.

    Features and benefits:

    • Interchangeable sensors for refrigerant, flammable gases and forming gases 
    • Automatic and/or manual reset of ambient concentration 
    • Intuitive operation 
    • High quality LCD display
    • Power supply via AA batteries or USB

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