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Wireless temperature and pressure gauge set

New with 72-tooth gear


REFCO is among the Top Rating Companies of Switzerland!

new valve core replacing tools

REFCO presents new packaging solution!
The new combination of blister and outer packaging saves you money

Watch the video now!

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Available now: HY-EX-10
Hydraulic Expander tool kit

The proven BM2 manifold is now available for R290 refrigerant.



Now available: Product Display


With the new Product Display rack the blister packaged REFCO products can
be optimally presented.

1 Product Display Set includes:

1 Product Display





New Hydraulic Expander tool kit

We are pleased to inform you that the DIGIMON is delivered with a new external K-Type thermocouple.

Gauges, Manifolds, Leak Detectors  


With 3 LED- and 3 UV inspection lights


The REFCO Bourdon Type Gauges are available with various connections:

Refrigeration lightweight cylinder

New Telescopic Tube Cutter

Electronic Leak Detectors

Electronic Leak Detectors

Newest Generation Digital Manifold

Electronic Vacuum Gauge

Recovery Station

Keep it Dry Videos are now available online.

Click on the images to view the videos.

REFCO Condensate Pumps

The Aesthetic Condensate Pump

Guraranteed original with the unique orange daming feet for silent operation

Download the new 2011 Catalog now!


REFCO takes remedial action by creating the new refrigerant combination R422. Some potential replacements of R22 such as R422A, R422D and R417A are combined in this new temperature scale. REFCO offers high quality gauges as well as manifolds with these new refrigerants.

REF-sCOpe ® Insightvision is the new eyes for your daily HVAC/R business.


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