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Charging and evacuation made easy!

9. June 2021
The new hose sets with access control valves are available now: CCL-60-A-38410 and CCL-60-A-38010
  • Locked valve core depressor prevents damage to the Schrader-valve
  • Valve closes the hose when closing the Schrader-valve
  • Long-life PTFE seal with blow-out preventer, replaceable
  • High-quality rubber compound for high elasticity, against hardening and embrittlement
  • Replacement of spare parts
  • 60 bar working pressure
  • No refrigerant loss
  • Absolutely leakproof
  • Swiss Mad
  • Connections:CCL-60-A-38410: 1/4“ SAE hose connection, 5/16“ SAE system connection
    CCL-60-A-38010: 1/4“ SAE hose connection, 1/4“ SAE system connection


Click here to go to the product page: CCL-60-A-38410

Click here to go to the product page: CCL-60-A-38010