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Charging Hoses



REFCO Charging lines 1⁄4" SAE

REFCO-hoses are supplied with PTFE gaskets. The lifetime of PTFE gasket compaired to ordinary rubber is at least 10 times longer. The barb of the hose, as well as the PTFE gasket have been equipped with a new invented quick-snapper system to prevent falling out of the hose.

High quality lines suitable for all refrigerants, working pressure 60 bar / 870 psi, set of 3 lines 1 unit each blue, red and yellow

Download: > Product range CL and CCL

CCL Charging lines according to SAE J2196

These charging lines with connection 1/4" SAE according to the norm SAE J2196 are particulary suitable for the use in automotiv environment.

Environmentally friendly REFCO Charging hoses with Special Barrier Protection.
Charging lines made from a special material which prevents virtually any permeation of refrigerant, yet remain flexible and easy to work with.

Download: > Product range CL and  and CCL J2196 / J2888


Charging hoses with small ball valve

These REFCO hoses are especially suitable for ecosensitive applications.

The full flow ball valve helps to  eliminate the chance of refrigerant burns or atmospheric releases.

Download: > Product range CA-CL and CA-CCL
Download: > Product range CX-CL and CX-CCL


Charging lines for R410A

The red and blue REFCO charging lines are equipped with a 1/2"-20UNF connection. On the manifold side they have 1/4" SAE connection. The yellow charging lines have 1/4" SAE connection on both sides.

The working pressure of the charging lines is 60 bar / 870 psi.


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