Vacuum pumps for all needs

Vacuum pumps

Vacuum pumps for all needs

All vacuum pumps are avaible in the unique ergonomic REFCO design.
Standard features are:

  • Two-stage rotary vane pump
  • Internal oil pump with unique device to prevent any oil back suction
  • Large, easily accessible oil fill port to prevent spillage when filling
  • Sight glass for easy viewing of the oil level
  • Built-in on/off switch to prevent breakage or accidental shut off
  • Gas ballast valve feature to help keep the oil clean and to reduce water vapor in the oil compartment
  • Special designed oil exhaust filter to reduce oil mist
  • Extremely low point of gravity which makes tipping over in a service van nearly impossible
  • Recommended oil change every 20 working hours


The most compact and lightest in the REFCO range

Technical Data:
Weight:  3.8 kg
Free air displacement:  35 l/min (1.25 cfm)
Factory micron rating:  15 micron
Motor:  0.16 KW (1/5 HP, 2400 rpm)
Connection:  ¼" SAE

Part No. 4661083

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The hard working, light weight pump




Technical Data:
Weight:  5.65 kg
Free air displacement:  65 l/min (2.3 cfm)
Factory micron rating:  15 micron
Motor:  0.19 KW (1/4 HP / 2400 rpm)
Connection:  ¼" SAE + 3/8" SAE

Part No 4661741

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The one with maximum capacity and with integrated ball valve



Technical Data:
Weight:  11.8 kg
Free air displacement:  150 l/min (5.3 cfm)
Factory micron rating:  15 micron
Motor:  0.37 KW (1/2 HP / 2800 rpm)
Connection:  ¼" SAE + 3/8" SAE
with integrated ball valve

Part No. 4507348

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Vacuum gauge set with ball valve
¼" SAE for vacuum pumps.





Part No. 4663981



Latest measuring instrument for continuous reading of measured values during the evacuation process out in the field as well as in the laboratory. The unit also has a practical hook for hanging and conforms to the IP classification 54.

Technical Data:

0 to 18000 Microns / 0 to 2400 Pascal
Pascal, Microns, mbar, Torr, mTorr, psi, inHg
Resolution 0.1Pa / 1Micron / 0.001mbar / 0.001Torr / 1mTorr / 0.0001psi /  0.0001inHg
Sensor type Thermocouple
Connector 1/4 SAE   =   7/16-20UNF
Operating temperature range 0°C to 40°C  / +32°F to 104°F
Storage temperature range
-20°C tp +60°C  /  -4°F to 140°F
Max. overpressure 34 bar  /  500 psi
Accuracy up to 100 Microns    +/- 10 Microns
101 - 750 Microns    +/- 45 Microns
Power supply 3 x 1.5 V  AAA / LR03 batteries
Service life when used continually ca. 40 hours (depending on the battery type)
Automatic shut off After 10 min. if vacuum value greater than 18000 Microns
After 30 min. if vacuum value less than 18000 Microns

 Part No 4686712

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Latest high performance vacuum pump for large commercial, air conditioning and specialised operations.

  • Sustainable ultimate vacuum due to cooler running
  • Versatile connections – multiple choice suction fitting
  • Fully O-ring sealed cartridge
  • Magnetic sump plus aids in capturing ferrous contaminants
  • Fan cooled heavy duty 1 hp motor
Technical Data:
Dimensions:  540 x 160 x 250 mm
Weight:  24.5 kg
Free air displacement:  300 l/min (10.5 cfm)
Factory micron rating:  1 micron
Motor:  0.75 KW (1 HP) 1400 rpm
Power supply:  220/240 V, 50/60 Hz
Connection:  3⁄8" SAE, 1⁄2" ACME, 1⁄4" SAE

Part No. 4679373

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